Building the Sushi India Community

I would like to propose a community with a mission of promoting the usage of Sushi in India:


  1. Growing the exchange user base
  2. Increasing staked LP tokens
  3. Sushi NFT Designs

Initial plans:

  1. Sushiswap Exchange promos and creatives in English and regional languages
  2. Staking Tutorials
  3. Community led Sushi NFT designs

This will be an entirely grassroots community, no owners etc. If you guys like this idea, happy to volunteer to help setup the India community.


I dont think anybody would complain if you start it up:) And if you are successful in doing that, im sure a grant will be approved for you/the projekt.

India will soon initiate ban on cryptocurrency trading, make sure you are aware of that.

There is no ban on trading, that is FUD. Alright, will setup the basics of the community and start growing it.