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Amp is the token used as collateral on the Flexa network ( The token is staked by the community to wallet projects to secure digital payments at merchants. There are currently two projects (Gemini Pay and SPEDN) that have integrated the Flexa SDK to enable real-world spending at merchants like Nordstrom, Lowes, Gamestop, Petco, and Baskin Robbins (yum!).


Flexa is ranked #14 on DeFI Pulse with $145M locked, and #1 (90% dominance) in Payments.


Current liquidity of AMP-ETH on Sushiswap is: ~$450,000 USD

AMP-ETH SLP contract: 0x15e86E6f65EF7EA1dbb72A5E51a07926fB1c82E3

*Note, Amp was formerly Flexacoin (FXC) but there was a 1:1 swap of the tokens earlier in the month due to an upgrade.


The Flexa community would be honored for Amp to be served as a delicacy item for the chef’s menu.


AMP-ETH is included in the menu of the week.


AMP-ETH is not included in the menu of the week.


Other notable links (Part One):
Amp Technical Whitepaper:
Flexa Capacity dApp:


Other notable links (Part Two):
Gemini Pay:


Amp is a highly configurable collateral token that allows merchants to easily receive crypto payments.

The payment rails enabled by Flexa Network allow for cheaper and quicker transactions between consumers and merchants.

In the implementation phase at the moment, Amp is set to become the Defi lego bridging the cryptoworld with merchants.



Amp is a great project/team that’s bridging real world commerce and digital assets. Plus, the Winkelvii are supporters and imo that’s adds lot of credibility to them and whatever they’re affiliated with. Let’s add Amp to the menu!

@ParkerLouise Welcome to the Sushi community! You might want to add a poll to your proposal post to get a better idea of sentiment. Not sure if that’s still possible.

Good luck!


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Will do! Assuming that a copy paste of what I have here is sufficient.



At its core - all attainable benchmarks aside - AMP seeks to empower retail businesses by providing quicker, cheaper (mucho) transaction services. Aiding the bottom line of those hit hardest by the coronavirus and what will be an uneasy economy to follow. Further moving the line of business financial power away from legacy vendors.

If that isn’t the definition of alternative currency, I don’t know what is.


Please don’t open topics to promote a single new reward pair… discuss this on discord or add it to the relevant weekly forum topic.


Hi I would like to also suggest we add AMP to the menu of the week. The team, project, partners are best in class. Team is mostly from MIT, NASA, AMEX and other top notch backgrounds. The project has a dedicated group of investors and the partners include large exchanges like Gemini which we provide the payment processing for their “Gemini pay” more to come with Shopify and other wallets.


Amp is what the future of payments will look like with a solid technology already working with a great professional team and members behind it its already changing the defi and e commerce world step by step its a privilage to be so early in this project and i welcome you all to join or at least to learn more about it!



The Shopify / Flexa (AMP) integration is nearing the end of the Beta as well. As soon as that goes live, 1,000,000 stores will be able to process payments via AMP. The exposure alone working with one of the largest payment/commerce companies would benefit Sushi. New exchanges and wallets coming online as well. Could be great timing!


The AMP token could be used to collateralize any transaction. Many uses for farming, being on the menu would be a great introduction to this great sushiswap community.



As part of the recent transition from FXC to AMP, Flexa also open-sourced the complete set of previously-private Flexa collateral manager smart contracts. That means anyone can now use Amp as a collateral token for any application across all of DeFi.

That’s a pretty solid dedication to the DeFi ethos, so it’d be good to see them added to the Menu of the Week.

They’ve also had three audits this year: Trail of Bits, Consesnys Diligence, and Praetorian.

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